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A modern marketing strategy should take advantage of modern tools that streamline efficiency and boost revenue. Are you wanting your brand or business stand out high above the competition? How would you feel if your company was a well known, household name in your local area?

While we don’t strive to make you a celebrity, we do focus on growth strategies that will dramatically increase engagement, sales and your overall reputation. Keep scrolling to see some of our core competencies surrounding digital strategy.


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Before we dive deep into building your marketing strategy, we like to start with an in-depth discovery audit. We’ll audit your brand from the inside out to discover your current digital presence. From your website to social media to keyword rankings and everything in between, we’ll seek to discover not just your challenges, but your opportunities as well.

Aside from your digital presence, we’ll look at your competition and industry leaders, old and new. This helps us see what’s working and what’s not and what gaps in the marketplace your brand can fill.? We’ll also look at your internal systems and processes, knowledge of digital channels and platforms, activities, and more in order to develop a thorough understanding of how we can help you excel.

successful-businessman-looking-over-marketing-strategies Brand identity and positioning is a critical aspect of any market strategy. Let’s be honest, if you don’t know who you are, how can you explain it to anyone else??

Many businesses appear or present themselves one way online, another in their marketing, another way in actuality, and so on. We help hone in on your brand’s true vision, position, and personality to bring cohesiveness and consistency throughout. If using our website design services also, we bring that vision to life to make your brand shine.??

By positioning your operation as industry leaders and experts, we can set you up to earn the revenue you desire. We really enjoy what we do, and outlining a company’s identity is one of our most enjoyable experiences.

Identifying your target market or ideal audience should be a scientific endeavor. The more guessing we can take out of the equation, the more accurate your targeting will be.?Through discussing your ideal customer and performing a deep analysis into your industry and competition, we can quickly and accurately discover who your target customer is.?

With this knowledge, we’ll develop specific buyer personas that will help build the foundation of essentially all future marketing efforts in order to attract and convert your ideal buyers.?At BrandDad Digital, we’re laser focused on letting actionable insights and data lead the way, and having a thorough understanding of your audience is integral to that process.

Q: Why are buyer personas important?

A: Wouldn’t you love to have an entire customer base consisting of all your ideal customers? We can’t promise that will happen but without buyer personas, you not only run the risk of wasting time and money in your marketing efforts, but also of attracting the “wrong” customers for your business.?

Q: How do buyer personas help with marketing?

A: Identifying your target audience and developing buyer personas should act as a basis of nearly all your marketing efforts. Having a clear customer profile tells you who to target when creating ads, it tells you who to write for and how to write for them when creating content, and it shows you what pain points you can help solve for them, just to name a few things.???

By analyzing all of the above efforts, we build your blueprint to ensure you have an actionable plan addressing all aspects of your current and future digital presence and strategies.

What Will My Plan Cover:

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • SEO & Content
  • Advertising
  • Internal Systems
  • Competition
  • And Much More

At BrandDad Digital, we’re all about results. We don’t believe in throwing good money after bad outcomes so we take our time to properly analyze all the variables involved in your marketing strategy to set you up for success.

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